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Our Team

Board of Directors

  • Mike Ruzicka, Board Chairman
  • Trudy Melzer, Vice Chairman
  • Nancy Soso, Secretary
  • Aveda Finney, Treasurer
  • Arthur Carter, Jr., Board Director


Credit Union Staff

  • Darlene Hochendoner, President/CEO
  • Steve Kosslow, CFO
  • Barbara Caton, Collections Supervisor
  • Janet Snyder, VISA Coordinator/Member Service Representative 
  • Laura Dellarosa, Member Service Representative
  • Kristen Ruzicka, Operations Administrator
  • Mary Ann Hilberer, Member Service Representative
  • Craig Smith, Member Service Representative
  • Brannon Boea, Member Service Representative 
  • Nicole Surman, Loan Administrator
  • Nikkie Schwartz, Loan Specialist

The South Hills office closes for lunch from 1:30 pm to 2 pm everyday. Learn more