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PLEASE NOTE: All Payroll Deductions must be stopped before any account may be closed. If you need to stop your payroll deduction through GPFCU, please contact us to receive the necessary payroll card either in person at any office or via mail. Copies of payroll cards will not be accepted.

Please, close my account at the Greater Pittsburgh Federal Credit Union. I currently have the following account types:

Savings Account

Checking Account

VISA Debit Card

VISA Credit Card

As of today, I certify that:

All unused checks have been destroyed or returned to the Credit Union for destruction.

All electronic debits and credits for this account have been stopped (Direct Deposit, Payroll Deduction, Automatic Bill Pay, etc.)

All checks written have cleared from the account.

All debit card or credit card purchases or returns have cleared.

Any debit and/or credit cards associated with this account destroyed or returned to the Credit Union for destruction.

I will pick up a check for the remaining funds in the account listed.

Please mail any remaining funds to the address below:


City, State, Zip