Payroll Deduction

Saving money has never been easier! You decide how much to deduct and watch your savings grow.

If you currently work for one of our affiliated employers, we may be able to set up a post-tax deduction from your pay and send it directly to your GPFCU accounts!

Make life even easier and make your GPFCU loan payments directly from your payroll deduction as well.

Need our routing number? GPFCU Routing #: 243084650

Contact us to get your payroll deduction started and we'll take care of the rest!

Some employers may not have a payroll deduction process set up with Greater Pittsburgh Federal Credit Union and we will be unable to establish a deduction for you. If so, you will need to contact your employer for additional options established from your payroll department. Please contact us or call 412-621-6800 with any questions or concerns.